We have both Hard Tissue and Soft Tissue Laser capability in the office.  The Hard Tissue Laser is an extremely advanced piece of technology that allows us to perform some restorative dentistry without drills and can even be used for simple fillings without the needing to anaesthetize the area of concern.

The soft tissue lasers are used for working on gum tissue.  Most frequently they can be used as an additional service when dealing with Periodontal Disease.  Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR) allows us to kill and remove bacteria that cannot be reached with traditional instruments


We love our x-ray images and what they help us see, but we also understand that they may not necessarily tell you that much about what is going with your teeth.  For this reason we have installed InraOral Cameras that allow you to see what we are looking at and help you make your decisions with a better understanding


X-rays are extremely important in dentistry, without them we have little to no idea of what is happening.  In the past there have been many concerns regarding film x-rays. To facilitate better patient care we have invested in a state of the art digital x-ray systems. Now a full set of x-rays accounts for a radiation dosage of just 0.150 mSv which is the equivalent of a few days of environmental radiation or a flight from LA to New York.

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